Monday, June 8, 2009

Undies , Sore Knees, and Male Buyers.

Even the word lingerie, conjures up photographs of ladies featured in preferred catalogs, from complicated and stylish Victoria's Secret to the rather raunchier Frederick's of Hollywood. We have wishes too, and one of them is to be suckered into purchasing that hardly there G-string. Luckily, the Best Of team's efforts paid off when we discovered La Perla. I was forced into a shopping experience for a P. C. Part today, and while doing that l learned a touch more about ladies, which is usually a good thing. After I got all the cussing out of my system, I grimly noticed that I was going to need to enter that one true hell for all men, a shopping mall. Shopping malls are the bane of all real men, and for excellent reasons. Concrete floors covered with just carpet on top of them are not designed for the male knee, particularly the middle aged male knee that has already been weakened by soccer, baseball, and numberless years of household chores like working on plumbing issues beneath the sink. If malls were designed for men, they would Astro Turf the floors, but they are not, so no necessity to waste any more time wishing for it. Everything from slips to slippers is prepared wonderfully, amazingly feminine and, yes, dear. While La Perla stocks a good range of items, from bust-boosting bras priced from Hr 175 to Hr 350 to beautifully hand-finished slips costing up to Hr eight hundred, it may lack the size you want. Women's camisoles

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