Sunday, October 18, 2009

Lingerie, Sore Knees, and Male Buyers.

Being deferential of their wishes, and also deferential of the incontrovertible fact that writing a column that nobody would print is rather useless, I may move on and get right to the point. I was forced into a shopping experience for a PC part today, and while doing that l learned a tad more about girls, which is usually a good thing. As I walked and scowled my way along the rows of stores, I quickly found a PC joint, went in, and bought my keyboard.

But on the other hand we are tough to buy for. We focus on tiny things, so we appreciate it when you give us a present in our favourite color, or one which has special meaning. Men regularly consider us gullible when they see us being 'taken in' by another man's soft words and candlelight dinners. A lady can muster enormous wells of strength and resourcefulness when the situation calls for it. Click the link for more articles about underwire bras.

So what it's truly about is knowing the girl that you are purchasing for.

here is a story that illustrates this point. In the course of one actual conversation, Barbara described a lovely old skool pencil case her mummy gave her when she initially began faculty.

half a year later, John was skimming in a specialty store when he came across a pencil case that matched Barbara's outline. He right away purchased it and presented it to her that night. "Mam, my brain is just going insane looking around at all this stuff. "Well, with underwear, it feels like the more that you see of the girl the more it costs. Worse yet, if you buy them, the entire goal is to get them off the lady as quickly as is humanly possible.

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