Sunday, November 1, 2009

Family Court Violence and Crazy-Making Maneuvers.

If I tell you that you are silly and threaten to hurt you because of what I have announced, part of you starts to query that perhaps what I have purported is true. Crazy-Making from the Outside In Then, if I tell somebody in authority that you are insane and hence they set out to make limitations around your private and civil freedoms, then more of you questions. Crazy-Making from the interior Out Now on a very, extraordinarily deep level, you know you are not mad, BUT your cognitive mind must reconcile the cognitive dissidence made by the gross disparity in your convictions, feelings and actions springing from the limitations imposed.

Kimono styles have changed with the times as with any fashion but the modern Kimono still bears an uncanny resemblance to those of traditional Japan. From the start of Japans recorded history till present day the Kimono has been an essential part of Eastern fashion, evolving to changing lifestyles and trends.

Conventional style clothing plays and crucial role in Japan and even today the Imperial family will wear clothing from as far back as the Nara period during special rituals and rites. In summer, which is very hot and damp in Japan, a Yukata is worn which closely looks like a kimono except it is made from much lighter material and is usally white or blue. Floral patterns and bright colours are customarily well-liked by girls who wear kimonos. In martial-arts films you'll see Jap men wearing a Hakama, or pleated pants, over their kimono. Platted material tied into a fancy knot keeps the Haori closed. A young girl not yet married wears a Furisode which is a bright kimono which flows round the ankles.

At a marriage a bride will usually wear a white kimono with a red or orange outer-kimono. Brighter patterns and prints have historically been worn by youngsters and infrequently by adults. Though kimonos aren't as common as they were in traditional Japan they can still frequently be seen on certain Eastern vacations. The fabric is at least 14 meters long and up to forty centimeters wide and is cut into 8 pieces and then stitched in order to not create any waste. So, how do you resolve cognitive dissidence-the state of stress due to disharmony among ones thoughts, feelings and actions? You bring all 3 elements into harmony by dismissing one part or changing one.

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