Friday, May 28, 2010

Working Mummies - Surviving Your Return to Work.

It is not really surprising that when returning to work after the extended three, six or perhaps twelve months of maternity leave is, for many girls, dire. Not only have you got to face the phobia of the unknown, there's the emotional chaos of leaving your baby, the adjustment to your new role as mum, the organisation needed to even get out of the house and the worry - will he / she be fine without me? And the guilt - am I an awful mummy for leaving him / her? You also need to deal with the method of ramping up to work mode and adjusting your grey matter to accommodate both the feed / sleep / change cycle and the adult intellectual challenge of work. The stock of stress factors could go on, and I'm dazzled this major period of readjustment isn't among the top reasons for stress together with divorce and moving house. As an emotion it is frequently associated with returning to work after pregnancy leave, and it could be a major stress factor for mums. My private ( non-scientific ) concept on guilt is that it was built into us way back when we were less complex social beings, to preclude us from abandoning our babies when the present got troublesome, or when an engaging passing caveman caught our eye. I think that guilt is a kind of internal police force that our developing brains developed to avert anarchy and motherless babies. What number of you women love the feeling of nice pair of satin pants against your skin? If you are like me, these pants are your favorite. only a few men understand that satin undies would make the ideal present. Its obvious that black satin undies can add to the mix. Luckily, satin knickers come in a good range of colours too starting from bold blues or warm pastels. Girls feel gorgeous, ladylike, horny, and magnificent in a pleasant pair of satin pants. Lets just say a nice pair of satin knickers could be a thrill for ladies and men alike. Satin lingerie also make outstandingly romantic gifts for a big day or simply to say I love you. So if you are making an attempt to move your beloved one with something original and romantic, try giving her some satin pants. Maybe not simply, maybe not right away, but there's always a way.

What are my Choices? What's choice? What is it to choose? What if I selected differently from my current path? How could I opt to make the best of this period? How could I opt to make returning to work fun? In what ways could I do this? What state do I select now? To be ecstatic or to be unhappy? Find out about gratitude. Begin to appreciate the tiny things and live in the instant.

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