Friday, July 16, 2010

7 things worth doing NOW to look great ALWAYS!

Whatever happened to good old fashion pleasantness and manners? For who knows what reason, folks just are not as nice or obliging today as they once used to be.

And if you come across as cold, rude, indifferent or unpleasant, it is a direct reflection on you and your company and it will adversely impact your business. Let's accept it, everybody likes to conduct business with folk we like. If you wear lipstick, it is important that you keep your lips wet, because chapped lips are far more obvious under color. Nothing announces you do not care like ragged nails or nails that are dissimilar lengths. ( Women , I know you were a hard worker to grow those nails but because just one broke, you should not think no-one would notice. A mail combine also lets you use fields in the message in order that you can as an example address each receiver personally.
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