Monday, July 20, 2009

Forget the ad networks, AdSense just sounds right.

The Main Page on any site is the entrance to the remainder of the content of that particular site. The result's a sleeker looking page that is more efficient in delivering the message about the remainder of the site. All of the main class pages are obviously noted on the sidebar.

The top four links at our site judiciously use the words ; Traffic, Free, & Special. Q : Of the billions of sites online, what's the one thing virtually each site has in common? A : pretty much every one is attempting to make an additional buck off advertising in some fashion. I am abashed to confess it, but many years back when affiliate marketing programmes looked cutting edge, I too attempted to make a profit by linking to Amazon.

Did that essentially work for anyone? Possibilities are most will say no. The base line is, most affiliate marketing programmes will not work for most internet sites. I was ready to make an incredible fifty cents a day. Somewhere between the times of being an "Amazon affiliate" and having my job melted after the dot. There are naturally plenty of other points to consider for planning your principal page. To summarize ; guarantee that you have got an extraordinarily appealing and pro look to your page that is consistent across the site, use high impact, worth orientated words in your copy, reduce the amount of outgoing links and increase the quantity of internal site links.
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