Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Your New Years Resolutions - watch out With weight reduction and Bras.

Ladies still average below 20% of all Boss positions in this country. But the feminist movement was simply about equality. We have only had a right to vote since 1920 and the legal right to own property a little longer. If shes assured and friendly, she is considered loose and flirty. We are seen and judged by our appearance, fashion, family values and motherly qualities. The double standard that still exists in the world today is disturbing. But women, we will actually only blame ourselves as we permit it to stay with our silence. As we leave 2008 behind and head into a superb new year, you have positively done your responsibility. What duty is that? Why, you have come up with some hopeful New Years resolutions. One of the most well liked New Years resolutions falls in this theme as we swear we'll eat right, exercise more and shed pounds in next year. For girls, the weight reduction resolution can become a costly mistake. If you want to lose some additional pounds, please have at it and I'm hoping you are successful.

That said, you may want to hold back on purchasing clothing in smaller sizes till you are certain that you can meet your goals. For some reason, girls regularly buy smaller bras when trying to lose pounds. If you shed pounds, your bazongas will decline in size. As you full well know, bras are not cheap. Plus size bras. The other reason you shouldn't buy bras in expectation of weight reduction has to do with fit. This combo can suggest you finish up with smaller bazongas when you shed weight, but ones that do not fit your new, pricey bras and that is merely a waste of money. New Years resolutions are great concepts, but I should admit Ive failed in meeting a lot of them.

This then causes the vital and judgmental view we have on other ladies. We cannot ever be a co-cohesive unit till we learn the way to support one another and work together instead of as enemies. We want to identify the things that made them successful and support those qualities rather than criticize them.

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